secure your property at winter

Make sure your property is safe and secure this winter

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, domestic burglary rates across the country fell by a staggering 33% in the year ending March 2021 (Telephone-Operated Crime Survey for England and Wales 2021), with more people staying at home. However, as restrictions begin to ease and employers encourage workers back into the office, levels are expected to rebound. Home burglary rates traditionally climb during winter, therefore there is an increased need for homeowners to take the right measures to avoid the heartbreak of having their home broken into.

Residents are advised to ensure all doors and windows are locked and that, if they do go out in the evening, to close the curtains and leave the lights on as a deterrent. Smart home technologies such as time-switch lights can also be used to automatically light up the home as darkness falls. This is ideal for homeowners who often return home after sunset. Furthermore, if you need to leave a key for a family member to gain access to the house, it is not recommended to hide it. Instead, leave it with a trusted neighbour. Ensuring all doors and entryways around your house are well lit is also an effective measure.

Tom Booth, Managing Director of SecurePro, appealed, “With restrictions easing, more people returning to work and the winter nights drawing in, criminals will be sensing an opportunity to commit more home burglaries. There are a number of cost-effective measures you can take to reduce any risk to your property, ranging from simply locking all doors and windows to using a safe to store your valuables. Many insurers also offer discounted prices if you have a home security system, such as CCTV monitoring and motion activated lighting. Don’t take the risk this winter – keep your family, property and valuables safe”.

For more information on protecting your home and the security systems available, contact our experts at SecurePro on 01384 378 300.

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