where to place security cameras

Where should you install security cameras for your business?

Ensuring cameras are fitted correctly is a critical part of any company’s security plan. Think about it, there is no point having a camera placed where it can’t be a visual deterrent or capture evidence – you may as well not have one at all. For this to be effective, placement is key. When used correctly, they help to deter crime and identify any perpetrators if the worst was to happen. Ultimately, they are there to protect the building, the contents inside and anyone inside, including your staff and yourself. So, where should you install security cameras for your business? What are the most effective places?

Why your business needs security cameras

Before discussing where it is best to place them, it’s important to understand exactly why businesses need them installed in the first place. The main – and most obvious – reason is that they increase your overall security, acting as an extra set of eyes. When your security increases, so does the efficiency and performance of a business’s operations. Another great thing about CCTV security cameras is that they are effective for both external and internal security. There have been 16,866 attempted burglaries against UK businesses so the need for high security is more important now than ever. So, where should you be placing them?

Exits and entrances

CCTV security cameras should be placed at both exits and entrances without any hesitation. This will allow you to easily and efficiently track who is entering and leaving your premises; whilst also making them aware that they are under observation as soon as they step in and when they leave. It also acts as a deterrent to anybody considering criminal activity. If you want to capture clear pictures of faces, then it is advised to place your cameras near an item that will catch their attention – for example a TV monitor or sign. However, ensure they are pointed away from light sources or windows to avoid any glare or dark images.

business reception


Reception is undoubtedly one of the busiest areas in the building, with employees, customers and suppliers coming and going all day. This is usually the first place people come when entering the building. Just like exits and entrances, you should keep a close eye on who is coming in and out throughout the day.

Points of sale

Wherever there is a cash register, there needs to be security. CCTV security cameras need to be placed near all customer interaction points, especially where financial transactions are involved – so for places like a bank, this is vital. It helps to not only deter criminals from attempting robbery but will also do the same for employees. If someone knows they’re being closely watched and will get caught, they tend to back away. Camera’s should be placed above where a customer would stand – but keep in mind it should not be placed too high. If it is, you will only get a picture of someone’s hair – not very useful if you need to give evidence.


Your warehouse is where hundreds of pounds worth of stock is kept – this is a goldmine for criminals. Just like with anything else, the camera will sit and act as a strong deterrent – one thing to remember is a criminal does not want to be caught which is why this type of deterrent works perfectly. If the worst was to happen and someone did get in, your cameras give you the peace of mind that the chances are you’ll be able to identify exactly who the thief is. It’s important to ensure the room is well lit to help with the quality of imagery. Cameras should be mounted on both the inside and outside of the premises to stop potential criminals in their tracks.

warehouse cameras


Despite valuables most likely being inside the premises, crime does happen outside – especially in places like car parks and back alleys. In fact in many cases, crime starts outside and this usually involves things like violence and vandalism. A strategic location for a camera to be installed is, without a doubt, the car park. Some cars will be sat for hours unattended, providing the perfect opportunity for theft or damage to property. It also gives peace of mind to staff when walking over to their car in the dark – you are offering them a sense of security. For many companies, deliveries are done outside and behind the building out of sight. Cameras must be put here to keep watch of employees unloading. It’s recommended that flood lights are also placed outside to work alongside your security cameras.

Security cameras should be installed to cover all areas of your business’ premises – both internal and external. It is important that you aren’t just focused on placing them where many people go; you need to also be paying attention to where criminals will be drawn to. The role of a CCTV security camera is to keep your business and employees safe from any harm or danger, so placing them incorrectly could be what leads to serious damage to your premises, or even worse, to you or your staff members.

Here at SecurePro, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of security services – this includes both residential and commercial CCTV solutions. We understand the importance of keeping yourself, your business and your home as safe and secure as possible. Our expert team is always on hand to help with any queries you may have, so contact us today on 01384 378300 to speak to a member of our team.

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