how to install a security camera

How do I install wireless security cameras at home?

CCTV security cameras are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners looking to keep their home secure. There’s no doubt they act as an effective deterrent for anyone intent on criminal activity, whilst also providing you with peace of mind through the ability to monitor them from anywhere with an internet connection. If you have recently purchased a camera system, you may have thought ‘how do I install wireless security cameras at home?’. SecurePro’s CCTV security experts are here to help.


Before you start drilling holes and attaching anchors, it is important to be prepared. Establish what you want to get out of your home CCTV security system, where the cameras will go and what tools you might need.

Consider where you will place the CCTV cameras

Naturally, where you choose to place the cameras is going to play a major part in how effective they are. There are numerous areas in and around the house that we recommend to set them up in order to provide a comprehensive security presence. They can be used both inside or outside the house. If you want cameras outside, a good place to start is your garage; this allows you to monitor any vehicles or valuables and is a clear deterrent from criminals. It is also recommended to have them in your garden – as this is a main entry point for thieves –  and your drive to monitor the outside of your home. The front door is also a must; this allows you to be tracking who is entering and leaving your home. The hallway is necessary as it allows you to monitor any movement inside your home and capture any footage if someone was to break in.

Become familiar with the parts you may be dealing with

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as having a camera and placing it on the wall. Your security system consists of different parts that combine to make it work effectively. It is advised to research and have some understanding of each component in order to avoid any confusion on the day it arrives and put everything together correctly. Normally the camera will come with a power adapter to transfer electricity from a power source to the camera, a receiver that accepts and stores video footage and wall anchors that allow you to mount them to the wall – each will be different depending on the home CCTV camera system you are using.

Installing the home security camera

Once you know where the cameras will go and what a system consists of, you can start to put them up.

Have the correct tools for the job


First things first, get the tool box out. For this type of installation, you will need a drill, pencils, screws and anchors – in some cases certain tools may even be included with the camera. If you want a smooth installation then make sure everything is ready.

Decide where the cameras are going

After considering where each camera will go, you’ll need to make a final decision. Having a clear idea of where they are going helps to determine how many cameras are needed. There are things that need to be considered before the drilling starts. You should be looking at the lighting, whether anything is obstructing the view and if you are invading anyone’s privacy, as well ensuring they are placed out of reach. By choosing the right place for the camera, you will also extend its lifespan. Once you have decided, you can pencil in where they are going to be placed ready for when the camera can be mounted on the wall.

Mount the home security camera to the wall

The first thing you’ll need to do is drill holes to screw the camera firmly in place; once the cameras are in, they will need to be adjusted to ensure they are pointing in the right direction at the correct angle. Some cameras come with a drill template meaning you can follow that to know where to do any drilling. Then you can place the wall anchors into the holes that have been drilled. Once everything is in the correct place – and the camera is fitted in a location that provides the best motion detection – you can fasten it to the wall. Please note that if the camera comes with a power cord you will need to have it placed by a power source; you can then use cable clips to secure the cables of the camera to the wall.

Use an experienced, trusted provider

camera installation

While some people are perfectly happy to install CCTV security cameras themselves, many understandably want the reassurance that their systems are working effectively having been installed by a professional installer. We’ve all installed brand new technology in our home – whether it’s the WiFi, TV or sound system – and had the hassle of it not working properly. Why go through this stress when it’s something as important as your home security?

SecurePro’s qualified, insured and highly-experienced engineers are on-hand to install your CCTV home security cameras, ensuring they’re working correctly to provide effective protection for your home. They’ll also answer any questions you may have, providing essential advice and tips on how to maintain your system and maximise use.

Contact our specialists today on 01384 378300 for a confidential discussion about SecurePro installing comprehensive CCTV security systems at your property. We’ll be happy to help.

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