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Do home security cameras deter crime?

When it comes to your home you want to feel one thing – safety. Your home should be a place that both you and your family feel safe and secure in at all times. When looking for something to protect you, it can be hard to know where to start. In a home security market growing with an ever-increasing amount of technology, the home security camera remains one of the most effective measures you can take to deter crime. Have you ever considered one? Perhaps now you should. They have evolved beyond just being used for businesses and large buildings and are now being adopted by an increasing amount of homeowners. The ultimate question is though, how do home security cameras deter crime?

What is a home security camera?

A home security camera is CCTV video camera that records peoples activities in order to deter, detect and prevent crime. There are two types of home security camera that you can use; wired and wireless. Home security cameras have evolved a lot in recent years. By having one fitted now, it will enable you to view your house and property by simply looking through your tablet, computer or smartphone – as long as they are connected to the internet of course. They are an excellent tool for providing home security and giving you that peace of mind that we all look for.

How do they prevent crime?

Home security cameras are ultimately designed to deter criminals from targeting your property. A thief is much less likely to target your home if they know you have several cameras in place; in fact just a glimpse of a security camera is enough to deter most criminals from any intended illegal activity. Just by having a home security camera system present, there is an increased chance that you, your family and your belongings will be safe. Not only are they used to deter crime but can also help when it comes to capturing evidence of a crime. According to The College of Policing’s Crime Reduction Toolkit, CCTV prevents an average of 16 crimes for every 100. For vehicle crimes, this rises to an average of 26

What are the benefits of having home security cameras fitted?

Of course our main reason to have them fitted is to ultimately deter crime and help ensure you feel safe; however there are many other benefits that come along with that.

insurance deductions for home security cameras

Insurance deductions

Although not necessarily the main reason you would choose to have one fitted, a deduction in your insurance fee is a major benefit. We all know the pain and expense that comes with paying for your insurance. The security of your property is something that has a huge impact on how much your insurance will cost. By taking these simple steps to make your property more secure and reduce the likelihood of making a claim, it is a superb way of saving money.


Everyone’s favourite words. When you have new technology installed, you understandably want it to be as hassle free as possible. A home security camera will simply require an occasional wipe clean and a check-up from a professional. So yes, they require next to no maintenance and you can rely on them to both protect and monitor your home and family for years to come.

Identify criminals

Home security camera systems are not just a way to prevent crime; they also help to ensure criminals are brought to justice. If the worst was to happen and your property was damaged, robbed, vandalised or a criminal act took place and your camera caught it, then your CCTV can be used as evidence and given to the police. Not only does it keep you and your family safe, it also is a safety precaution for surrounding neighbours.

Allows you to monitor the perimeter of your property from the safety of your home

A major benefit of having home security cameras fitted is the way they allow you to see what is going on around your property. CCTV will be set up around your house in various blind spots that you would not be able to see by just looking through the window. With the use of technology, this means that if you were to hear something suspicious at any time – day or night – you can check the perimeter of your home without having to put yourself in any danger by leaving the house. Home security cameras can also be used as a type of ‘peephole’. For example, if you have an unexpected visitor at night and are unsure who it may be or why they have come, then through the use of your camera you can identify who that person is without opening the door – this is especially beneficial for those who are vulnerable or living alone.

So, do home security cameras deter crime? The simple answer is yes; they are a superb way of deterring criminal activity at your home. By just one look at the camera, a thief will be put off straight away – if they were to try anything they will be caught. The ultimate goal of a home security camera is to ensure that you feel safe within your own property and can go about your day-to-day life with peace of mind. Here at SecurePro, we offer both residential and commercial CCTV solutions. We understand the importance of safety and security at any form of property and aim to deliver a range of solutions to the highest industry standards. We also offer a wide range of security services including event security services, security guarding services and event stewarding. Our expert team is here to help in any way that they can. If you have any queries or feel we can assist in any way, then do not hesitate about getting in touch. Contact us today on 01384 378300 and one of our experts will be happy to help.

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