As we enter the usual main holidaying month of August many of us would typically be planning our holiday cover rosters and arranging for everything to run smoothly in our staff’s absence. Due to Covid-19 this is not high on the priority list for Summer 2020, instead, we are still providing security cover at factories and commercial premises who are on shut down or lockdown, and ensuring their premises remain protected.

We have been in an uncertain world now for 6 months with no real end or solution clearly visible but want to thank everyone for their continued hard work and effort and appreciate their continued support.

I, like hundreds of others, have had holiday plans cancelled and will continue to work from home instead because Covid-19 does not discriminate against any class, position or person so my main message to you all this month is please stay safe, stay alert and help control the virus so we can all get back to some sort of normal.

Tom Booth
Group Director