CCTV Monitoring SecurePro

Do you have an alarm? Do you have CCTV? Is your current security system doing the job?

SecurePro can commission your existing intruder alarm or CCTV security system. Alternatively, if you don’t have one or want to upgrade to the latest cutting-edge system, we’ll happily install a new one for you. We pride ourselves on being cost effective for our all clients both domestic and commercial so don’t worry, the latest technology isn’t as expensive as you think.

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Remote CCTV Monitoring

CCTV security cameras are strategically positioned around your premises to give complete protection from unwanted visitors. Through motion detection the cameras are activated and transmit high resolution pictures through to the CCTV Alarm Receiving Centre and control room.

On receiving these pictures, highly trained operators take immediate action in accordance with your bespoke assignment instructions. This can vary from an audible warning to the unwanted visitors, using loudspeaker deterrents on site, to dispatching a licenced security guard or by notifying the police. This response service stops crime before it happens, eliminating false alarms and giving complete peace of mind that your property is protected.

Alarm Monitoring

We offer dual path alarm monitoring for both fire and intruder alarms but what does this mean for the property owner? In its simplest terms, if the alarm is activated, the phone line is cut, there’s a fault on the line or the GSM or GPRS signal fails, the Alarm Receiving Centre will know about it. They will immediately treat it as an intruder activation, generating an alarm response. Again, this response could vary between dispatching a licenced security guard as your designated keyholder to investigate and reset your alarm or notifying the police if the system detects a confirmed intruder.

Our security systems can be installed at occupied and vacant properties, either as a stand-alone service or alongside our keyholding and property protection inspection services. We are a one-stop security shop to help you protect your premises and comply with your insurance obligations and duty of care as a property owner/occupier.