Event Security Services

SecurePro is a trusted partner to event organisers across the United Kingdom in the provision of world-class crowd safety and event security solutions. Our robust portfolio of services have been deployed at concerts, exhibitions, festivals, sport stadiums and special events across the country, ensuring a safe and secure environment for all visitors, performers and staff. As a result, we’ve developed a reputation as a highly reliable partner for both public and private sector organisers alike.

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Industry-Leading Event Security Services

As a leading provider of safety-critical security services to some of the United Kingdom’s premier events, our success is down to a mixture of best-in-class industry experience, robust employee training, excellent customer service and cutting-edge knowledge of UK security measures. Our team of experts has the operational, tactical and strategic experience to ensure your event security is effective from the planning stage right through to event debrief. We’re able to provide a comprehensive range of services across the entire event lifecycle from concept to delivery.

Furthermore, we’re proud to be a member of the United Kingdom Crowd Management Association(UKCMA). We’re constantly up-to-date on cutting-edge developments, industry best practice and the latest legislation, enabling us to deliver premier event security services for our customers.

Access Control

SecurePro’s highly trained, qualified event security professionals are able to effectively control the access and exit of all authorised personnel and vehicles that enter any event. Whether it is checking suitable accreditations, scanning access cards or unlocking gates for entry, our team is available to act quickly and professionally.

Every event security strategy combines multiple measures in order to be successful. An effective access control protocol plays a key part in this and our specialists are highly trained in this field. Since they’re most likely to be the first point of contact in any dangerous scenario, they are adept at assessing situations and carrying out the appropriate measures to protect everyone present.

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emergency planning

Emergency Scenarios

We firmly believe in paying attention to every detail, leaving no stone unturned as we work to make your event as safe and secure as possible. That is why we incorporate crisis management into every event security plan we do. While we’ll have carried out comprehensive risk assessments in the concept and planning stages – implementing appropriate solutions to mitigate any risk as a result – the nature of events means you can never rule out an emergency scenario occurring.

Whether it is a concert, festival, sporting fixture or public show, our experts will have factored a number of emergency scenarios into a crisis management plan unique to your event. They’ll identify the event audience and review the types of people in attendance, such as attendees, emergency services, on-site caterers and other stakeholders.

SecurePro’s event security specialists will then build out a plan assigning audience ‘owners’ for each audience type, providing a dedicated point of contact for that group should an emergency occur. As a result, we can ensure a co-ordinated, efficient response is provided when handling the crisis.

CCTV & Rapid Response Teams

SecurePro’s team of qualified event security experts can monitor dedicated areas of your event from site build and operation to decommission, ensuring everything runs smoothly. They’re able to identify any potential issues before they take place and, if something does occur, can quickly alert our rapid response teams to take action. These professionals will immediately take the required measures to defuse or resolve any incident that has occurred. In addition, we’re also happy to liaise with the authorities and provide footage of any potential criminal activity if needed.
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queue management

Queue Management & Security

No attendee likes inefficient, prolonged queuing at any event. That’s why our experts are able to combine comprehensive, safety-first security solutions with swift queue management operations. This ensures a constant, efficient flow of attendees entering and exiting the event, whilst ensuring all appropriate safety and security measures are taken.

SecurePro’s team of event security specialists care about providing world-class customer service for attendees, ensuring they go away with a positive impression of your event. That’s why they’re always on-hand to provide friendly, helpful assistance when checking tickets, operating turnstiles and managing queues on-site. We’ll always be highly visible to provide help and guidance whenever needed.

Vehicle Security & Traffic Management

Our trained event security specialists have a wealth of experience deploying comprehensive vehicle security and traffic management solutions. From the very beginning, we’ll conduct full risk assessments and event analysis, putting sufficient protocols in place to ensure full safety and security. No matter the size or complexity of your event, our specialists can advise and guide you throughout the planning stages, designing effective traffic management procedures. Furthermore, we’ve got a wealth of experience participating in Safety Advisory Groups (SAGs) with other stakeholders including local councils and the emergency services. We’ll liaise with these groups to agree the conditions required to hold the event and ensure they can be met.

During the event

Our highly-experienced experts can conduct vehicle searches to ensure prohibited items such as drugs, weapons and other dangerous substances are unable to access the site. We can also manage traffic throughout the event, ensuring our traffic management systems enable smooth ingress and egress. This involves the creation of sufficient parking spaces, directing arrivals and co-ordinating effective firebreaks.

Whilst we’ll always be available to provide a warm welcome to any attendee, we also recognise our duty to assist local residents and the wider community who may live near the event location. That’s why we always seek to provide help and directions to anybody on how to navigate blocked off roads and areas.

Every member of the SecurePro team wears professional branded uniform that makes them easily identifiable for customers, suppliers and other event stakeholders seeking help and advice.

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